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Postpartum Consults

1. An IBCLC will take a thorough health history of mom and baby. 

2. Asses and assist with feeding.

3. Weigh baby before and after feeding. 

4. Provide evidence based breastfeeding education. 

5. Create a plan of care based on the families breastfeeding goals

6. Provide ongoing support through follow-ups, phone and text. 

When to Call a Lactation Consultant

  • Difficulty with Latch. 

  • Concerns with milk supply.

  • Breast or nipple pain.

  • Engorgement.

  • Infant has inadequate or slow weight gain.

  • Previous negative breastfeeding experience. 

  • Reassurance breastfeeding is going well.

  • Infant in NICU.

  • Recommended formula supplementation.

  • Pre-term labor and delivery.

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