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About Us

At Latch & Love, we believe in the importance of prenatal breastfeeding education and lactation support after delivery. We are here to provide you with educational resources and support to build your confidence during your breastfeeding journey. Research shows when women receive lactation education and have access to breastfeeding support, their babies latch better and breastfeed longer. We believe with the right tools, every woman can reach her breastfeeding goals. 


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Lactation Consultations

We provide in home lactation consultations to help make your breastfeeding experience beautiful and enjoyable. With the convenience of having quality services delivered to your doorstep or virtually, we can help you meet your breastfeeding goals!

Breastfeeding Classes

We proudly offer comprehensive breastfeeding education in the privacy of your home. It is so important that you and your family are taught not only the benefits of breastfeeding, but also what to expect after birth and the months to come. 

Virtual Group Classes 

Comprehensive group breastfeeding classes are also available. Contact us today if you are an OB practice and need to bring childbirth or breastfeeding education to your practice. We are happy to partner with you and customize our curriculum based on the needs of your practice. 



“Tashara was a supportive hand that guided me throughout my breastfeeding journey. Without her services I would not have had a successful breastfeeding experience. Through her care, education and encouragement, I was equipped with the confidence and knowledge I needed to continue breastfeeding despite challenges..”

Jasmine H.
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